7 Ways To Get Rid Of Static Hair


Why is static ruining my hair vibe? What causes static?


Static hair happens when hair becomes charged with electricity. All hair is made up of atoms, and atoms are compromised of protons, neutrons and electrons. Electrons move from one atom to another, and when they do this, the atoms become electrically charged. This causes static electricity in hair. (Source)


Electricity, atoms, blah blah blah. What’s important to know is that STATIC makes your hair get stuck in your lashes, ruins your lipgloss, the hairstyle you so reluctantly woke up a whole 30 extra minutes earlier for, and I mean don’t even think about that cute selfie you were about to take just now. Because:

As if cold weather days and dry air wasn’t enough, we gotta deal with this scientific phenomenon at the expense of our beauty. Pfft. Good thing there are a few simple things you can do to combat it – and we share them all today! You will find this blog post helpful if you have fine or dry hair, which means you’re more likely to encounter this static problem. Watch this quick video or scroll down for in-depth instructions and even more useful tips.

1. Anti-Static Dryer Sheets

You know those Bounce sheet things your mom always puts in the dryer when she does laundry? Not only do they make your bedsheets smell amazing, they also work like magic in de-static-ing (ok clearly that’s not a real word, but you get it) your hair. Have a few sheets of those in your purse or pocket at. all. times. during the winter. Here’s an image for reference:

How to get rid of static hair: Luxy Hair Blog

Mmm. Outdoor fresh. 

2. Hairspray or Leave-In Conditioner

Carry a travel size hairspray or some sort of leave-in serum and use just a couple of sprays/drops to get rid of the static.

3. Nothing on hand?

Use any cream you have your purse. A bit of body lotion, face or hand cream, whatever! Squeeze just a pea size amount, rub in your hands and run through your hair. You don’t want to use a lot of product because it can leave your hair oily (especially if it isn’t designed for hair), just a tiny bit will do the trick. 

Luxy Hair Blog: How to get rid of static hair

4. Not even a cream on hand?

Oh ok, well then, you can find some water and use a tiny amount to tame the static. Not the most optimal solution but the most accessible, that’s for sure! Use a little bit of water and then braid your hair or at least pin the front pieces away with some bobby pins, as those are the most annoying pieces that stick to your face with static. Here are some great braid tutorials to check out if you’re interested. 

5. Do not use plastic

If you have a plastic comb or a hair brush – not a good idea to use it, because plastic is non-conductive (aka will make your hair much more staticky). Instead, opt for a wooden or a metal comb, as those are conductive and thus – will get rid of static. Science! 

How to get rid of static: Luxy Hair blog

6. Humidify that ish

Obviously you can’t control the air moisture everywhere. But if you’re experiencing static at your own house, it’s a good indicator that the air is very dry. A very simple solution is to turn on the humidifier, which will improve both air quality and life quality (because you will no longer have to deal with static in your hair). How cool. 

7. Clothing au-naturel. 

Synthetic materials, especially nylon and polyester, will charge up real quick and contribute to the static. So if your jacket, scarf, hat, or sweater contain these materials, it’s more likely that you will experience static in your hair. Instead, try opting for cotton, wool, or silk to reduce the amount of static. 

That’s about it, my ladies! Looking for more winter hair care advice? Check out this blog post!

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Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid

Well, well, well.. What a treat we have for you guys today!

Today we’ll be learning some good old boho braiding from one of our favorite Instagram boho braid queens: @glambytoriebliss, who creates amazing boho-inspired hairstyles every day! Now a little less conversation, a little more action, please – Torie, take it from here, girl!

How to: Boho Twist Braid

Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

New Year – New hairstyle….that’s how the saying goes, right? Well, I’ve got a quick and easy boho twist braid you can achieve in 10 mins or less that will brighten up your 2017!

Scroll down for step-by-step photo instructions, or watch the full video at the end of this post.

You can wear a hat for a more casual vibe or pop in some sparkly accessories and you’ve got a party-ready look!

Step 1: Clip-in your Luxy Hair Extensions

Boho Hairstyles: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

To begin this look, I put in my 220g Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions (of course!). I already have long hair, but my Luxies give me loads of thickness and way more dimension and highlights in my hair! You can actually clearly see the difference my Luxies make in this photo:

Before and After with Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

Moving on! For this particular hair style, I didn’t need to prep my hair by curling it, so I clipped my extensions in all at the same time.

TIP FROM TORIE: If you want to curl/wave your hair, start by curling your natural hair with each weft as you work your way up your hair.

How I clip in my Luxy Hair Extensions:

  1. First, add the first weft about 1/2 inch above the base of your hair line
  2. Then, proceed to clip each 2 clip weft on alternating sides
  3. Place the 3 clip wefts on a separate layer
  4. Add in the four clip wefts
  5. Then, clip 2 one clip wefts on each side of your head
  6. Finally, add the last one clip weft to the crown of your head.

For step by step video and photo instructions, you can check out this blog post on how to clip in Luxy Hair extensions!

Step 2: Section Hair

Next, pull your hair over to the side and split it into 2 equal sections.

How to do a Boho Twist Braid with Luxy Hair

Step 3: Twist!

Take each section and twist it towards your face and then twist them around each other going towards the back of your head.

Whichever way you twist the sections individually, you must ALWAYS twist them together the opposite way! This is called a rope braid, and if you want to learn how to do it – you can check out this youtube video tutorial.

How to: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

Step 4: Pancake time (Mmm…pancakes)

When you almost get to the bottom of the twist it’s time to pancake – that means, pull it apart to make it full and fluffy – just like a pancake!

How to: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

To do this, pinch and pull small sections at a time working your way up and down the twist until it gets to your desired thickness. Repeat this step with the remaining section.

How to: Boho Twist Braid

Step 5: Secure and Perfect

Almost done! Now that you have two super fluffy twists, secure them both together with an elastic.

How to: Boho Twist Braid | Luxy Hair

How to: Boho Braid Hairstyles

Take a small section of hair, wrap it around the elastic and secure it in the back with a bobby pin.

You’re done!

This style is super versatile and can be worn so many different ways! I added a hat because I’m a sucker for hats, but feel free to add whatever accessory you like or keep it as-is!

How To: Boho Braid Hairstyle | Luxy Hair

And as promised, here’s the quick video showing the entire process!


Torie Bliss

Thanks again to our beautiful friend Torie Bliss for being a guest contributor to our blog today! Make sure to check out Torie’s blog, and if you’re in Massachusetts, go visit her in person and have her create some magic on your hair!

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French Braid Crown Holiday Hairstyle

Why do we love holidays so much?

Other than the obvious (all the delicious food that will be eaten), it’s always a fun occasion to dress up, do your hair and makeup, and be all glammed up! In today’s blog post, we collaborated with our beautiful friend Missy Sue to show you a really simple yet beautiful holiday hairstyle: the french braid crown.

French Braid Holiday Hairstyle Crown

This hairstyle looks intricate, yet consists of simple 2 french braids put together with a hair accessory. Missy also added a few wefts of her clip-in Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions for extra length and volume – this is, of course, optional – but hair extensions make this hairstyle so much more dramatic because of that extra ‘oomph’. If you’re not too familiar with them, check out this blog post

Watch the video below or scroll down for step by step instructions on how to create this beautiful and glamorous holiday hairstyle:

How to: French Braid Crown

French Braid Crown Holiday Hairstyle by Luxy Hair

  1. Part your hair as you desire – it can be a deep part, or a middle part.
  2. Start to french braid your hair on one side until you reach your ear. To learn how to french braid, check out this youtube video
  3. Once you reach the ear, continue doing a regular three strand braid all the way down with a small section of hair, like this: How to: French Braid Crown by Luxy Hair Missy Sue
  4. Criss cross two bobby pins at the end of the braid, so that it doesn’t unravel while you work on the other side, like so: French Braid Crown Step By Step Tutorial Luxy Hair
  5. Repeat the exact same step on the other side – french braid until the ear, then regular three strand braid all the way down. 
  6. All is left to do is criss cross the two braids at the back, like a crown, add in your favorite accessory and you’re done! French Braid Crown
How to: French Braid Crown with Luxy Hair
How to: French Braid Crown with Luxy Hair
How to: French Braid Crown with Luxy Hair


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Lob and Blunt Cut: How To Blend Hair Extensions

If you have a lob haircut, or a short blunt haircut, you may find that blending in hair extensions is a bit challenging. In this blog post, we will share some tips and tricks with you that will allow you to blend in hair extensions with your blunt haircut or a lob – seamlessly. 

Watch the video below or scroll down to text instructions to see what the tricks are!

Hair Extensions For Short Hair 

First things first – if you have short hair and are looking to purchase clip-in hair extensions, we strongly recommend getting a thick set (our 220 gram collection), even if your hair is not that thick. Why, you ask? Because you want your hair extensions to look natural and blend in seamlessly. In order for that to happen with short hair, or any blunt haircut, you need to ensure that you have enough hair extensions to make the transition from your hair to the rest of the extensions unnoticeable. Otherwise, it will look like this…

how to blend hair extensions with blunt short hairSource

…and we definitely don’t want that. You can see that in the above photo, there are simply not enough wefts (or they are not thick enough) for the short, blunt haircut. Instead, we want to achieve a before and after transformation like this: 

hair extensions for short hair

Here, 220g Ash Blonde Luxy Hair extensions were used (slightly cut and toned – check out the full video tutorial on how to tone, cut, and blend hair extensions by clicking here). Or this:

hair extensions for short hair - before and after

This is a transformation with 220g Chocolate Brown Luxy Hair extensions (to check out the video tutorial for this tutorial on how to blend hair extensions with short hair, click here)

Some new tricks we’re showing in this week’s video (which you can watch above) contain some new tips and tricks we’d love to share with you. 

Braid the bottom layer

One of the biggest giveaways that you are wearing hair extensions are those bottom layers of your own hair that show underneath the extensions. To avoid this, section the bottom of your hair (from the middle of your ear to ear), braid it, and pin it securely against your head. 

blending hair extensions with a blunt haircut

This does two things:

– Hides the short layers of your own hair, which will allow you to move freely and not have to constantly touch your hair to hide them

– Removes some of the ‘bluntness’ of the haircut and allows for the wefts to be the ‘base’ of your hair, since you will be clipping the wefts directly over this pinned braid. Just like this: 

extensions for a lob

Stack your wefts 

A really neat trick when wearing extensions, is to stack the wefts on top of each other. You may have seen the technique in this Instagram video, where 2 shades of Luxy Hair extensions were stacked to create more color dimension – but of course, this trick can be done with just one shade of extensions as well. 

What this does is creates more volume, but you are still technically clipping in 1 weft onto your actual hair. This is a great way to hide some of that bluntness in your haircut as well. 

how to blend hair extensions with short blunt hair

Wave your hair and extensions together

Especially if the colour match of your extensions isn’t 100% ideal, hair extensions in general blend in a lot better when they are waved or curled with your own hair, instead of wearing them straight. This is especially applicable to everyone who has really thick hair, or a blunt haircut.

The proper way to do this is to take the end of your own hair along with the hair extensions, and curl it as one. That way when you brush it out, it flows in seamlessly into the extensions.

how to blend hair extensions with short hair

If you want to see all the step by step instructions, it is highly recommended that you watch the entire video tutorial at the beginning of this blog post. 

These are just some tips and tricks that work for us – do you have any of your own that you’d like to share? We’d absolutely love to hear from you!


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Holiday Hair and Makeup: Get Ready With Me

Going to do you a favour and not start this blog post with “‘tis the season”… instead, enjoy this cute lookin’ dancing festive reindeer as our grand opening to this blog post: 

Happy Holidays From Luxy Hair

Great, now that you’re feeling all proper, jolly and festive – you’re ready to check out our brand new Holiday Get Ready With Me video! Our beautiful friend Elanna shows us her go-to makeup look and how she achieves these effortless and beautiful holiday waves with her Luxy Hair extensions. Elanna wears her Dirty Blonde set whenever she feels like rocking longer and thicker hair. 

If you’re going to a holiday party this season, this look is classic and will be appropriate for most occasions. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a red lip and effortless waves, am I right? Watch the video below to check out how she achieves this look. Bonus: there is a puppy in this video. 

If you’re looking for a few more ideas for this holiday season, be sure to check out these videos:

How To: Glam Holiday Waves

Glam Holiday Waves by Luxy Hair

Mimi is wearing her 220g Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions in this tutorial.

Last minute holiday hairstyle: rosette

Last Minute Holiday Hairstyle by Luxy Hair

Featured in this tutorial: 220g Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

How To: Holiday Hair Bow

How to do a hair bow - Holiday hairstyle by Luxy Hair

5 Minute Holiday Waves

How to 5 minute holiday waves without extensions

How to 5 minute holiday waves with Luxy Hair extensions

220g Ombre Blonde Luxy Hair extensions

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Frizzy Hair Blowout Routine + How To Blend Hair Extensions With Layered Hair

This blog post is basically this:

Before and after transformation | Frizzy Hair Blowout | Clip In Hair Extensions

AKA: how to turn frizzy hair into gorgeous, silky smooth locks. We are so fortunate to have Leyla show us her blowout routine on her naturally wavy/curly and frizzy hair. I mean, that transformation!! If you want to learn how to style frizzy hair and how to blend in hair extensions with layered hair, watch the following video or scroll down for directions.

How To Blowdry Frizzy Hair

If you have naturally frizzy hair, you know how essential it is for your happiness to learn how to style it on a daily basis. Don’t get us wrong – we’re all for embracing your natural hair and loving your curls, and if you’re also about that, be sure to check out our numerous hair tutorials on how to style naturally curly hair, wavy hair and frizzy hair. BUT… on days when you want to feel that silky smoothness of your hair, here are the tips you need to follow to get the perfect blowout.

Air dry first.

Start with your hair 90% air dried. There are 2 reasons for this: firstly, the blowout will just look that much better. And secondly, it’s far less damaging to your hair – since you’re applying heat from the blow dryer, the hair will need much less heat when it’s partially dried as opposed to having it soaking wet. Basic TLC, my friends! Just don’t blow dry your hair when it’s still dripping wet – promise?

Section that hair. 

Section your entire head in very small, manageable sections. Yes, this is time consuming. Yes, this seems like a lot of extra work. But do you want a kickass blowout, or not?! If yes, then please trust us when we say the results are so worth it when you blow dry one small and manageable section at a time. That way, the heat from the nozzle will be transferred evenly throughout, giving that silky smooth finish. Bonus: talk about a killer arm workout 😉 

how to blowdry frizzy hair


Get a blow dryer with a nozzle that looks like one below. It will concentrate the hot hair and give you the ultimate blowout. how to get the perfect blowout

The right brush.

Get a large round brush that is ceramic. The heat will transfer to it and act as a straightener at the same time. Leyla used a 3 and a half inch ceramic brush, and you can purchase one at any drug store, beauty supply store or a hair salon!

how to blowdry hair straight

Work your way up.

Start from the bottom and work your way up – section by section. If you want a detailed step by step video on how to blow dry your hair straight, check out this video. Once you’re done – enjoy your gorgeous, silky smooth blowout. 

how to get silky hair

    But that’s not all…

    How To Blend Hair Extensions With Layered Hair 

    If you want to glam it up a step further, clip in your Luxy Hair extensions to make your hair longer and fuller than ever before. Literally, this is the easiest way to ‘grow’ long hair fast without having to actually grow it, haha. Just check out the result yourself:

    how to get long hair fast - clip in Luxy Hair extensions

    Leyla is wearing her 220g Off Black Luxy Hair extensions here.

    If you have layered hair, it may be a little difficult to blend in clip-in hair extensions when the hair is straight, because the extensions are all one length – 20 inches. So, there are two ways to do it: 

    a) Trim them by a professional hairstylist to blend with your own haircut and style


    b) Wave the extensions with your own hair, which is how Leyla does it in the video. Make sure to watch her technique in the video above to see how nicely the hair extensions blend with her layered hair.

    Here are some other posts which you will find helpful:

    How to clip in hair extensions
    How to blend hair extensions with thin hair
    How to blend hair extensions with short hair
    How to tame frizzy hair

    Written by @liliyakay

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      How To Do a Waterfall Braid Tutorial | Step By Step

      how to do a waterfall braid tutorial

      Do you ever look at hairstyle tutorials and think “okay, that’s pretty, but I’d never be able to do that”? 

      Honestly.. sometimes we feel the same way. But what’s important to recognize, is that those ‘complicated’ hairstyles are simply just a mix of a bunch of easy techniques that are put together into one. And that being said – if you want to be good at doing hair – it’s important to learn all those basic braid techniques in order to be able to create more complicated hairstyles 🙂

      Today we are going back to basics and showing you how to do a waterfall braid step by step. At first this hairstyle may seem a little confusing, but with some practice, you will LOVE creating it. Once you’ve got this basic technique down – there are so many variations of this hairstyle that you can do. Watch the tutorial below or scroll down for photo step-by-step instructions on how to do a waterfall braid. 

      Waterfall Braid: Step By Step Instructions

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step By Step Luxy Hair Tutorial

      Step 1: 

      Take a big section of hair at the front and separate into three strands. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 1 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 2: 

      Take the back strand and cross it over the middle.

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 2 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 3: 

      Now take the front strand and cross it over the middle.

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 3 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 4: 

      Next, take the back strand + add a little section of hair into it.

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 4 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 5: 

      Cross this back strand + new section of hair over the middle. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 5 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 6: 

      Leave the front strand as is (you can even clip it away so that you don’t get confused).

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 6 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 7: 

      Take a section of hair BEHIND the front strand.

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 7 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 8: 

      Cross this new section over the middle. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 8 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 9: 

      Repeating the same steps – take the back strand + add a new section of hair into it.

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 9 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 10: 

      Cross that back section + new section of hair over the middle. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 10 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Step 11: 

      Again, leave the front strand as is and take a section behind it to cross over the middle. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step 11 | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Last Step: 

      Repeat all the same steps all the way to the back of your head and secure it with a clear elastic. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Final Step | Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      All done!

      The waterfall braid is a classic hairstyle that looks absolutely stunning and unique. 

      How To Do a Waterfall Braid: Step By Step Hair Tutorial

      Thank you to our beautiful friend Karin for collaborating with us on this Back to Basics series. Check out Karin’s channel here.

      Karin has beautiful long hair already, but when she feels like adding volume and highlights to her hair, she wears her Dirty Blonde Luxy Hair extensions. You can also have long, thick, and beautiful hair in just minutes – with absolutely NO damage – by simply clipping in Luxy Hair extensions. Check out 10 reasons to choose Luxy Hair and to learn more about it!

      Look out for more back to basics posts on our Blog 🙂

      Luxy Hair – Hair Blog